Dec 17, 2019




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Tips to Stay Motivated During the Festive and Summer Season

As Summer and the festivities that follow start to come around thick and fast, some of us tend to get a little anxious about how we’re going to stay fit and healthy while still making it to all those Christmas lunches, drinks, bbq’s, get togethers, catch ups and dinners. These are challenging times ahead and we’re not here to tell you to skip the pudding and drink more water than Champagne – although probably not a bad idea – because we believe that life is meant to be lived! This said, we do have some tips that will help you along the way and stay confident that you are on top of your health and wellness game.

Make yourself a priority
The busy season does get a little hectic with all the festivities and celebrations we get invited to. We can easily get overwhelmed and feel a disconnection with ourselves – trying to be at every invitation sent to you. Time and energy starts to lessen and our health and wellness regime starts to take the back seat. You don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to commit 100% to anything either. Make sure you know much you have to give and work within that. If it means going to a function for an hour so you can get sleep to be able to hit your yoga mat in the morning, then let that be. It if means taking relaxation that little bit further by sleeping in the next day, then let that be. Essentially, a balance of fun and leisure with fitness, rest and relaxation would be the ideal. Allow your schedule to accommodate for that and work with the aim to create balance for a happier, healthier and more balanced you.

Set your classes like business meetings and don’t break that meeting
You want to make it to four classes a week? Just like business meetings, schedule them in your calendar and make them non-negotiable. It makes it easier to stick to. Communicate that you have commitments during these times and that you’ll do other things after you’ve finished. Have the ability to stand up to and for yourself too.

Let your health and fitness routines include those around you
If you usually hit your mat or you go for jogs solo, how about including family and friends? If a friend or family member is trying to organise a time to get together and you simply cannot find a window in your schedule, how about attending a class together? The best win-win situation! You and your loved ones get to catch up during quality time at yoga and or Pilates! Ticks all the boxes for business and pleasure.

Give yourself a break too
When we start to stress about our own exercise regime it could be a sign we need to give ourselves a break. The reason that Christmas is called “the silly season” is because it’s meant to be joyous and fun, filled with family, friends with perhaps too many servings of pavlova. If your training is getting in the way of the essence of Christmas, then allow yourself to have a break; maybe check in with why it makes you so stressed. Remember to have balance, life has to be allowed.

Remember that one average but consistent month is better than a perfect day or week
When it comes to health and fitness, sometimes we can let ourselves get too obsessed and get caught up in the details. But anyone whose life is built on an idea of health and fitness will tell you that consistently eating well and moving your body daily is far better than sometimes being excellent. Our minds are happier and therefore our bodies are too – these two communicate with each other very well to influence our state of being.

Let’s get you started on your Yoga High wellness journey where you can connect with likeminded people in a mutually respectful and loving environment.
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