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Reset New Habits and Create New Beginnings

Twenty first century living means we are always so busy and time just passes by so quickly these days. Sometimes we become so unaware of what we are doing (being on auto pilot with our routines) that habits form and then within a blink of an eye later we find ourselves stuck in a rut: eating the same foods, wearing the same clothes, doing the same routine and same thing for years. And while sometimes there is nothing wrong with this, the act of taking the time to stop and take stock to look at what you’ve habitually been doing can be so rejuvenating and energising at the same time – a fresh of breath air, a feeling of lightness and a new perspective on life. Making a few changes here and there can be also be inspiring – like a new lease on life! So here we are in Spring and what better time to do this than NOW? Spring marks the start of new life, new beginnings, growth; it’s a wonderful opportunity to shake off the winter and hibernation blues and start something new. Here are some of our favourite ways to start afresh, reset and create new habits now that it’s Spring!

Let’s do a Spring clean!
An oldie but a goodie, and it’s a classic because we all know it works! Spring-cleaning is simply tackling a room, a cupboard, or the entire house and cleaning out what you don’t need, use, want, or have the space for. This does not mean you have to throw stuff away. You might want to give it to those close to you who you know give it as much love as you did – remember another person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure. Or you can give it to your local charity shop and the community around you. This not only benefits those in need but it also gives you a sense of freedom from the clutter around you. We need space to invite in the new therefore letting go of the old will give us this, providing us mental and physical space.

A self evaluation
No we don’t mean at the work place! We mean an evaluation of whether what you’re currently doing is working for you or is having some positive impact on your life. How is your sleep? How is your energy and your digestion? What about your nutrient intake? Your movement habits? Rate these things on a scale of 1-10: 1 being it’s not going very well at all and 10 being there’s no improvement to be made. If you’re sitting below a 7 or 8 on any of these things you might need to consider shaking things up a little.
If you’re sleep is being rated a 5, have a reassess why it is rated at a 5 and see what you can do to improve it. Ask yourself these questions: can I go to bed earlier? Can I take magnesium to my support sleep? Can I reduce screen time? What about my daily movement habits? Maybe it’s about trying something new or sticking to a routine a little better?
Take this time to notice what’s working for you and what’s working against you and be willing to make some changes.

A food reevaluation
Did you know that incorporating a range of different ingredients in your daily eating helps digestion, energy levels, and your health to keep en pointe? And did you also know that our current generation we eat way less of a variety of ingredients than we did in the past? You may see where we’re going with this. Go ahead and check your fridge, pantry, freezer, and wherever else you keep food. Throw (or give away) anything that you’re not using or intending to use in the near future and definitely throw away things that are out of date.
Then commit to using different and varying ingredients. Sometimes the best way to do this is by finding new recipes that have foods you already love but have new and different ingredients as well. Aim to switch up your vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, nuts and seeds in a week so you’re not eating the same things every day. Then each week try a new recipe with a new ingredient you either haven’t tried before or have forgotten about. Be inspired and start getting creative!

Aligning our intentions with our feelings
Our mind is very good at falling into a habitual way of thinking, into negative patterns that sometimes do not serve us. We look for more of the same and we look for patterns because the predictability makes us feel safe knowing there is a routine. So if our lives are going in one direction, our minds will look for more of that. When we take the time to set intentions (a word, a phrase, a feeling we want to bring into our life), our mind now has something new to look for. And when our mind knows what to look for, it will find it. All of a sudden you’ll find more opportunities and more situations where you can feel exactly how you want to feel. For example if your intention is to find inner strength, anything can become a new opportunity to embrace that. Previously perhaps anything could have been seen as yet another difficult challenge. You see? A change in perspective changes situations. It’s as good and refreshing as a holiday!

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