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Benefits of Completing a Challenge

What are the benefits of completing a yoga/Pilates challenge?
We know that the hardest part about a regular practice is getting to your mat. We look for something to blame and the first thing that gets blamed is LIFE and how it just gets busier and how it just happens. So why would adding a yoga/Pilates challenge to that be a good thing? The answer is aplenty but the space we have here to explain is limited so we will touch on what we think are the most important reasons. The benefits are endless when one embarks on a yoga and Pilates challenge. Whether you decide to practice daily or choose a number that will suit you better, challenges create great habits and forge communities together.

Reason !: Your physical practice will change and grow
When you make it to your mat daily or just more consistently, you’ll begin to notice that certain poses start to get easier as you build strength. You’ll feel yourself going deeper in postures as you build more flexibility and mobility. You’ll also start to feel more stable, as you develop the mental focus and concentration you require to be able to balance on one leg. And once you do, your calm demeanour and confidence sharpen gifting you the determination to balance on one leg whilst learning to accept the beauty in stillness.

Your mental practice will also develop
During each and every class, no matter how challenging the physical aspects are, there will also be the added benefits of mindfulness and stillness. This has great value when done consistently as you start to develop the ability to take these practices with you when you leave class and apply it in your own daily life outside of the yoga room. You become more comfortable following the breath, more and more you become aware of how you’re feeling both physically and mentally. And you can start to use the skills you learn in the yoga/pilates room to calm yourself down or to notice your thought patterns before they can affect your mood response dramatically.

You will build a greater connection with your Yoga High community
As you spend more and more time at the studio, you’ll develop a more meaningful connection with your teachers and your fellow yogis. Having familiar faces and people who know your name and your practice is very supportive and motivating.

You will experience such a sense of achievement
One of the best things about a yoga challenge is getting you out of your comfort zone. Yoga and Pilates Challenges teach you to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. It is an opportunity for unique learning and growth as you observe your own boundaries and limits and test your true potential. It’s easy to make excuses but when you’ve committed to a challenge you’re more likely to do your best to fulfil that commitment to yourself. And even if you don’t make every class and or have to skip one or two here and there, you’ll finish with such a sense of accomplishment and you might even surprise yourself with how much you can achieve and how much you enjoy being challenged.

At the end of the day, the only person tracking your progress is YOU
Remember to challenge yourself to something that will motivate you but inspire you at the same time to be the best you can be. If right now you’re doing one class a week, how about try to up it to three or four times weekly? If you’re doing five, how about going for every day and see how you go. When you need to rest, listen to your body and rest – but be accountable and honest about your practice and know the difference between a need to rest and making excuses.

Let’s get you started on your Yoga High wellness journey where you can connect with likeminded people in a mutually respectful and loving environment.
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